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τῆς γὰρ παρελθούσης νυκτὸς ταυτησί, ἔτι βαθέος ὄρθρου, Ἱπποκράτης, ὁ Ἀπολλοδώρου ὑὸς Φάσωνος δὲ ἀδελφός, τὴν θύραν τῇ βακτηρίᾳ πάνυ σφόδρα ἔκρουε
On the previous night to that one, in the very early hours of the morning, Hippocrates, Hippocrates, the son of Apollodorus and the brother of Phason, gave a tremendous thump with his staff at my door.
Plato Protagoras 310b (191)
ὦ βασιλεῦ, ἐπὶ γῆν γὰρ μέλλεις στρατεύεσθαι τῆς οὔτε ἀρηρομένον φανήσεται οὐδὲν οὔτε πόλις οἰκεομένη·
Your royal highness, you are planning to invade a country where you will find no ploughed land nor inhabited city.
Herodotus Histories 4.97 (218)
οὐκ οἶδα πλὴν ἕν, ὅτι θυείαν ἑσπέρας
ὑπερφυᾶ τὸ μέγεθος εἰσηνέγκατο.
I don't know except for one thing - last night she brought in a huge great mortar.
Aristophanes Peace 227-8 (261)
τεκμαίρομαι δὲ ἔκ τινος ἐνυπνίου ὃ ἑώρακα ὀλίγον πρότερον ταύτης τῆς νυκτός·
And my reason for this is a dream which I had a little while ago in the course of this night.
Plato Crito 43a (356)
τῆς γὰρ ἐπιούσης νυκτὸς πάντα ταῦτα δεῖ πεπρᾶχθαι, εἰ δ’ ἔτι περιμενοῦμεν, ἀδύνατον καὶ οὐκέτι οἷόν τε.
All this must be done in the coming night. And if we delay it can no longer be done.
Plato Crito 46a (408)

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