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μηδεὶς δ’ ὑμῶν, ὦ ἄνδρες Ἀθηναῖοι, δυσχερῶς ὑπολάβῃ· καὶ γὰρ νῦν ἀστὰς γυναῖκας πολλὰς εὑρήσετε τιτθευούσας, ἃς ὑμῖν καὶ κατ’ ὄνομα, ἐὰν βούλησθε, ἐροῦμεν.
Let none of you take this in the wrong way. After all, even now you can find many citizens acting as wet-nurses, who we can name for you, if you like.
Demosthenes Speeches 57.35

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