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οὔ νύ τ’ ἀοιδοὶ
αἴτιοι, ἀλλά ποθι Ζεὺς αἴτιος, ὅς τε δίδωσιν
ἀνδράσιν ἀλφηστῇσιν, ὅπως ἐθέλῃσιν, ἑκάστῳ.
You should not blame the suitors - it is Zeus who is responsible, Zeus who hands out to each grain-eating man as he wants.
Homer Odyssey 1.347-9 (245)
τῇ γάρ που ὑστεραίᾳ δεῖ με ἀποθνῄσκειν ἢ ᾗ ἂν ἔλθῃ τὸ πλοῖον.
I will tell you. I must die on the day after the ship comes in, must I not?
Plato Crito 44a (355)
οἱ γὰρ ἐπιεικέστατοι, ὧν μᾶλλον ἄξιον φροντίζειν, ἡγήσονται αὐτὰ οὕτω πεπρᾶχθαι ὥσπερ ἂν πραχθῇ.
For the most reasonable men, whose opinion is more worth considering, will think that things were done as they really will be done.
Plato Crito 44d (360)
οὔτε γὰρ φρόνιμον οὔτε ἄφρονα δυνατοὶ ποιῆσαι, ποιοῦσι δὲ τοῦτο ὅτι ἂν τύχωσι.
for they are not able to make a man wise or foolish, but they do whatever occurs to them.
Plato Crito 44e (363)
Μήδεια: κἄνπερ λαβοῦσα κόσμον ἀμφιθῇ χροΐ,
κακῶς ὀλεῖται πᾶς θ’ ὃς ἂν θίγῃ κόρης·
And if she takes the dress and puts it on her skin, she will die a miserable death, as will anyone who touches the girl.
Euripides Medea 787-8 (369)
τὸν μὲν ἄλλον χρόνον οὕτω διεκείμην ὥστε μήτε λυπεῖν μήτε λίαν ἐπ’ ἐκείνῃ εἶναι ὅ τι ἂν ἐθέλῃ ποιεῖν,
For some time I was disposed neither to vex her nor to leave her too free to do just as she pleased
Lysias Speeches 1.6 (371)
πολλοὶ μὲν γὰρ ἐμοὶ Τρῶες κλειτοί τ’ ἐπίκουροι
κτείνειν ὅν κε θεός γε πόρῃ καὶ ποσσὶ κιχείω,
πολλοὶ δ’ αὖ σοὶ Ἀχαιοὶ ἐναιρέμεν ὅν κε δύνηαι.
full many there be for me to slay, both Trojans and famed allies, whomsoever a god shall grant me and my feet overtake; and many Achaeans again for thee to slay whomsoever thou canst.
Homer Iliad 6.227-229 (390)
ἐγὼ οὐ νῦν πρῶτον ἀλλὰ καὶ ἀεὶ τοιοῦτος οἷος τῶν ἐμῶν μηδενὶ ἄλλῳ πείθεσθαι ἢ τῷ λόγῳ ὃς ἄν μοι λογιζομένῳ βέλτιστος φαίνηται.
I am not only now but always a man who follows nothing but the reasoning which on consideration seems to me best.
Plato Crito 46b (411)
ταύτῃ ἄρα αὐτῷ πρακτέον καὶ γυμναστέον καὶ ἐδεστέον γε καὶ ποτέον, ᾗ ἂν τῷ ἑνὶ δοκῇ, τῷ ἐπιστάτῃ καὶ ἐπαΐοντι, μᾶλλον ἢ ᾗ σύμπασι τοῖς ἄλλοις.
He must act and exercise and eat and drink as the one man who is his director and who knows the business thinks best rather than as all the others think.
Plato Crito 47b (414)
ὃς δ’ ἂν ὑμῶν παραμείνῃ, ὁρῶν ὃν τρόπον ἡμεῖς τάς τε δίκας δικάζομεν καὶ τἆλλα τὴν πόλιν διοικοῦμεν, ἤδη φαμὲν τοῦτον ὡμολογηκέναι ἔργῳ ἡμῖν ἃ ἂν ἡμεῖς κελεύωμεν ποιήσειν ταῦτα, καὶ τὸν μὴ πειθόμενον τριχῇ φαμεν ἀδικεῖν
But we say that whoever of you stays here, seeing how we administer justice and how we govern the state in other respects, has thereby entered into an agreement with us to do what we command; and we say that he who does not obey does threefold wrong.
Plato Crito 51e (449)

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